Earn YEM with Shopping Compass


by giving away free advertisement!

Create your own marketplace and replace fiat payment with the YEM you earned.
That's incredible!
It will blow all your money concerns away.

Just check the facts…

  • Up to 100 USD in YEM possible per deal
  • Unlimited number of deals possible per business
  • 5-Generations participation
  • Inflation protected, legal currency
  • State-of-the-art commission plan
  • 8-figure manager position optional
  • Customers recommendation system
  • Payout once per day
  • ...and more!

But first of all watch these 2 videos and get a brief impression on how the journey goes.

Note: After the completion of this video, extensive reforms were decided by the community of YEM owners with a large majority, which are currently being implemented. This also affects some of the use cases that are presented here. As soon as all changes are published, this video will be revised.