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1. Read. Imagine a World full of YEM Deals!

'I'm currently in New York. Where can I go shopping with my YEM?' , or 'In which London restaurant can I have dinner with YEM today?', 'Who in my region repairs my washing machine for YEM?', 'Which campsite in Australia can I pay with YEM?'

This or a similar question has probably been asked by every YEM owner. Imagine that you have a list on your smartphone or laptop with millions of offers that you can pay for with YEM. A list that shows you exactly the offers you are looking for and hides everything else.

This is exactly what the SHOPPING COMPASS is.

Businesses from all over the world upload their offers in the form of a classified ad on SHOPPING COMPASS. After you have been able to see a short preview and description, the SHOPPING COMPASS directs you to the offer page of the retailer or service provider, or shows you the address of the relevant shop, restaurant, café, hotel, etc.

You can see your YEM deal there, without detours or further search.

2. Unleash the Power. SHOPPING COMPASS...the YEM owners paradise!

This is amazing!

You do not have to log in to the SHOPPING COMPASS. No membership is required to see the stores' ads and to use the extensive filter and search functions. The use of SHOPPING COMPASS is also completely free of charge...even for businesses!

Everyone is enabled to use this tool instanlty. In addition, you can even be notified of new deals. How cool is that?!

Get your personal invite link within your backoffice and the businesses will join in your 5 generations family. So, spread the word and let the SHOPPING COMPASS grow!

The fun for everyone will be endless!

FAQ. Frequently Asked

  • Do I have to register with SHOPPING COMPASS to be able to search for YEM offers?
  • No. The full use of the search engine is possible without a member account.
  • What is YEM?
  • The YEM (Your Everyday Money) was conceived in 2017 with the aim of creating an international digital currency that combines all the available strengths of blockchain technology without adopting the weaknesses of other cryptocurrencies. Read more on this page in the YEM section.
  • What is the best way to start looking for YEM offers?
  • Click on "Browse YEM Deals" in the lower right corner or use the search bar on this page under "BROWSE".
  • Do I have to pay any fees for using the SHOPPING COMPASS?
  • No. It is completely free to use. SHOPPING COMPASS also does not participate in the sales of the providers. That is why you always get the original price when you buy something. We do not charge any fees or royalties.
  • I can not find many offers in my area or that correspond to my interests. Who is responsible for the number of offers in the SHOPPING COMPASS?
  • Anyone who wants to feel responsible. There is a bonus of up to 100 USD in YEM under the consultant program for the recommendation of a free advertisement and all associated advantages.

  • Where can I find answers about the consultant program?
  • Log into your back office. In the left column navigate to SHOPPING COMPASS Section. Then choose "Become A Consultant". There you will find the FAQ and the possibillity to submit your question.

  • How can I ask a question here?
  • Log into your backoffice and navigate to FAQ in the left column.

  • Where can I find official SHOPPING COMPASS videos?
  • Log into your back office, then navigate to the menu section for SHOPPING COMPASS and select "Video Libary". Alternatively you can also visit our YouTube channel if you do not yet have a member account. Check out the related icon at the right bottom corner of this page.

  • Where can I get additional support?
  • You can find our support here:

  • Where can I find my personal invitation link?
  • You can get your personal invite link by creating a campaign. In your back office, go to the YEM AD NETWORK section in the menu bar. Click on "Build your downline" and select "Create campaigns". Then choose the right box "Promote on your own". If you follow the guidance there, you will get your personal link for each available project.

  • How do I get items if I buy it on the platform of SHOPPING COMPASS?
  • Since SHOPPING COMPASS is a search engine, you cannot buy anything on this platform. SHOPPING COMPASS helps you to find offers and forwards you to the website or the local shop of the provider. There you can then shop and receive your product or service under the terms and conditions of the relevant provider.

About YEM.

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